Vendela Wetterström


I once met a woman who said that my name sounds like a holiday. It could be the name of my business but with the addition that I do work.

I do graphic design and occasionally some illustration. My main thing is to do a bit of everything. In that since one could say I have a multi-disciplinary and intermedial practice. I like fun, dreamy, poetic and romantic things.

Right now I study an MFA in visual communication at Konstfack, Stockholm.
I’m also a part of the editorial collective Brand (as in fire!).

For a more extended CV: Click here.

Introduction film to Bella Runes Portal – an art work by Bella Rune, exhibited at Västerås Konstmuseum. (2020)

Ädno / Älven / The River – an artist book by Mia Rogersdotter Gran. Idea, text and photography by Mia Rogersdotter Gran. Graphic Design by me. (2020)

Dina ögon ur mina ögon – personal project. (2019)

Catalogue for the exhibition Guerrilla Girls – feminism, fakta och fuskpäls at Västerås Konstmuseum. (2019)

Västerås offentliga rum – folder for two exhibitions displayed at ad pillars in Västerås' public space. (2019)

Screen print, personal project based on a quote by Little Edie from the documentary Grey Gardens. (2019)

Poster, MalmöTxt 18. (2019)

Take Care – personal project. (2018)

Dream Unlimited – a sign reflecting on a sign. (2017)

Xerox Machine – a personal project researching different aspects of the Xerox machine, its' history and creative potential before desktop publishing. (2017)

Norm&Form – a book with the aim to critically view and be aware of different aspects of the book, its elements and what they represent. Art direction by Bastion Agency. Graphic design by me and Evelina Mohei. (2017)

Illustration for Astra #2 2019 Graphic novel in Brand #3 2019. Collaboration between me and Brands' text editorial.